Puppet Master Original Series Jester 1:1 Replica

Puppet Master Original Series Jester 1:1 Replica

  • $210.00

Full Moon is proud to announce THE PUPPET MASTER ORIGINAL SERIES LINE! 

Each “original series” replica is handmade, every stitch of fabric is tailored and scaled to be a recreation of the rod puppets used in the iconic film series, PUPPET MASTER. Each replica comes with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity and a metal display stand.

Made of wire frame and foam construction with artist-sculpted resin head, hands & boots. Clothing is cut from real cloth with tailored accessories. Six Shooter features detachable guns, while Blade and Six Shooter are fashionably outfitted with their distinctive removable hats. Own your favorite puppet replica with high quality construction and attention to detail!

PLEASE NOTE: Each replica is an individual and unique collectible; final product may vary slightly. Fabrics are subject to availability, and may be substituted with a comparable fabric. Clothing is not meant to be removed. As these products are handmade and hand-painted there may be small variations in the construction and the paint-job. Replicas are NOT meant to be bent or played with. Bending the arms, legs, head or body may result in damage to the replica.